How to play

SpaceRooks is a puzzle game where goal of is to move the rook of the matching color to it's target. Rooks in space move similarly to rooks on a chessboard (up, down, left or right), with the difference being that they always move the maximum possible distance. Their movement can only be blocked by either walls or other rooks, just like a rook moving frictionlessly through space!


Try to move a rook to its goal in as few moves possible and as quickly as possible, as each puzzle is timed!. There is also a maximum of 5 minutes to solve each puzzle. If you manage to solve a puzzle with few enough moves and quickly, you could qualify for a spot on the leaderboard for the whole world to admire!


The timer for a puzzle starts as soon as it is loaded, and CANNOT BE PAUSED! So make sure you're ready before starting and avoid navigating away from the page. The timer is unforgiving, as once 5 minutes is over you won't be able to submit your solution anymore 😟. Best of luck!